What you can expect

·        24 Hour Emergency Service

·        Regular Property Inspections

·        Professional Accounting

·        Preparation of monthly reports in a complete financial package

·        Maintenance of unlimited Bank accounts

·        Budget preparation

·        Preferred Banking Relationships

·        Collection of all common fees and charges

·        Centralized support staff will provide timely solutions to telephone inquiries

·        On site and off site management for HOA’s and Condo associations

·        Horticultural and Agronomic Professionals on staff

·        Preparation of monthly managers report

·        Coordination of Board and Membership meetings

·        CAM attendance at meetings

·        Preparation and Distribution of notices

·        Meeting minutes

·        Insurance Specialists on staff

·        Maintenance of Association records

·        Supervision of on site personnel

·        Mediation of violations of association rules and regulations

·        Oversight of major restoration and maintenance projects

·        Preparation and coordination of all state reports and filings

·        Resale and Lease applications

·        Development of Marketing / business plans for the property

·        In house  support staff and customer service representatives familiar with your association  

·        Educational seminars and meetings